200 HP

Monday, February 06, 2006

What's going on with your 200HP??

Wow Im on a roll, 2 days and 2 new posts, I must be feeling flash today.

Alot of people have been e-mailing and asking what's going on with my aim to get my car up to at least 200bhp. Im nearly there, hopefully everything should be going in around March time. Whether it will hit 200bhp with my current setup, I'm not too sure. I saw a MK1 owner battle to get to 200bhp to find that he would not have an engine left within 10 miles as running that hard would kill it.

So he was advised by a tuner to aim for 185bhp which is nice and safe, so we'll have to see what happens.

Just a quickie for today.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Winter slippy and slide


Yep it's me and I've been lazy again, no updates since January, I hope you're not dispappointed. It's the middle of winter here in England and it's cold, very cold which means icy and greasy road conditions and they lay down salt and other rubbish to stop the road from icing up.

Anybody in a normal mundane box car might aswell stop reading now, you're OK, but for us Rear Wheel Drive owners, going up hills and pulling out of junctions can be fun and scary at the same time.Plant your foot (legally and safely) on the accelerator/gas/loyd pedal and all your wheels will tend to do is spin and spin and spin!!!

Eventually you're start moving, or your car will go into kill "the driver mode" that's where the backend wants to start wagging, and send you into a field/hedge/ditch.

This is what can happen.

This is not my car (thankfully) but a guy Simon B who escaped unharmed but it's stark reminder of what can happen. He was running alot of power and this was not his fault. The dangers of winters were also demonstrated to me in a Nissan 200SX S12 which is very tail happy, so in times on cold, take it easy, if you're still cynical, look at those pictures above.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Has it been this long??

I have been slack haven't I??!! I haven't been near this blog since November 20th, have I been busy or too lazy.......too lazy.....ok I admit it, at least I was honest.

The quest is nearly complete well the first stage, the turbo is booked and deposited and coming over from the states soon, the ECU plus all the other stuff it comes with is on it's way to Phils workshop and all the other bits and bobs needed are nearly ready for install, so once w'ere on our way I'll update you soon but it's time for another story....this one involves the police.

Yes I was pulled over by the police this morning, but this does not annoy me, what annoys is the damn attitude, why is their a need for it, surely they can't train our officers to be this unfriendly. Is it really hard to be polite, other forces manage to do it, why not my local force. I swear it's so they can intimidate you!!

Anyways......I'll try and get back to my twice dailu updating of car news plus other bits, so I'll be back soon.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Can anyone work harder than this man??

I think in my quest for power and fun I have to put out a big thanks to one man, his name is Phil and he works for a company called Performance 5. (http://www.performance5.com)

As I type this very blog (a Sunday morning) he is currently working on my suspension which is being modified so it makes the car handle better then it already is. It's a Sunday - the man never stops and I can't help but feel a bit guilty, well I suppose I am paying for it to be fitted.

He'll also be doing for now "top secret" hybrid turbo conversion using some interesting toys to day the least. Even though Daz and Andy keep plugging to get a supercharger (they are great just not my thing lads! - Sorry)

So hats off to Phil, you're doing a great job and his job will be much easier once he starts upgrading his garage, so if you need a top honest bloke to make your 5 go faster, ask Phil, he'll sort it out (so it don't sound like an advert) other 5 tuners are available.

....As an example on to how hard this man works, he fitted my brake pads at 3am on Saturday morning while I was tucked up in bed....is the man crazy?? Well........hmmm no, I think he loves his MX5's too much....well some of his work has been featured in EVO (top car mag in the UK) and in Japanese Performance Magazine, for that to happen he must be dedicated!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

We're only human after all...

For just today I'm going to put mad horsepower and great cars aside, I'm sure the same thoughts similar to mine have been posted across the world on other blogs and websites across the world and I feel it's now my turn.

I watched a very chlling documentary on the BBC last night titled "7/7: The Days the Bombs came to London" if you did'nt know already on the 7th July this year London suffered it's worst peacetime attrocity, 4 suicide bombers attacked the capital and bombed, 3 tubes and 1 bus.

Watching it brought back some terrible memories and images but nothing compared to what the emergency services had to endure. I was broadcasting and doing a normal shift and I still remember being told at 8.52am that a major electrical surge had knocked out Liverpool Street and then broadcasting it on BBC Essex and BBC Three Counties (I work as a travel news broadcaster from London and broadcast to various stations across the South East)

My shift was due to end in an hour, little did I know I wasn't even going to go home that day.

The situation developed very quickly and before I knew it I was broadcasting news every 15 minutes outside of rush hour to plenty of stations across the South East, that something more major had happened and that the tube network had been shut down.

It's strange, it must be instinct but I didn't get scared, I just sat down and did the job that was asked of me, I broadcasted for 18 hours that day, I usually broadcast for 4-6 hours, I also tried to reach family and friends, luckily they all tried to reach me and I received a flood of text messages asking if I was OK. I could not reply as the mobile network was jammed, probably with people doing the same thing, even the landlines were jammed. (although looking back I'd rather the emergency services used them as they really needed them that day)

We are located in Farringdon and I could not believe how near the attrocities everything was, in fact they were less than 3-5 miles from our offices near Smithfields Market.

The atmosphere was hectic but tense in the office, TV's blaring news, editors being drafted in make sure our information was getting out. I really felt for our TV travel presenter, her boyfriend was taking the tube that day, she broke down and I don't blame her, luckily we managed to reach him and he was OK, another colleagues cousin was also admitted to hospital with injuries, I know it's seems selfish but the stations needed a service and our afternoon shift staff rota had been obliterated - no one could get in and the morning shift couldn't go home (my route was a 45 minute tube journey), eventually it was decided that more experienced morning broadcasters should stay on with a break.

In a small pub in Farringdon (the Bishops Finger - great little place) I was met with the strangest sscene, hundreds of office/city/market workers and various other tourists all completely transfixed by the BBC news channel, in fact I think it was catching as myself and four of my colleagues were also caught up by what was going on, but I felt alot more confortable plus people were alot more open and welcoming.

It was also a chance to debrief with friends and colleagues, which was a welcome relief away from the office before I went back to do another gruelling 8 hours on air, I did try everything to get home and my thanks go out to Pete and Alistair who offered me every option except flight to get me back to where I live, I decided to hotel it like many others in the capital that evening, with an ex-member of staff turned cabbie driving us everywhere.

I was in the company of 3 great people that night, Max, Kelly and Steve, good friends and just the right type of people you need in times like this.

Watching that programme brought back these memories to me, it was kind of upsetting, but also a stark reminder on how vulnerable this world now is, but London did stand firm, and I got back on the tube the next day to finally get home after doing a another morning shift. Papers were filled with haunting images I'm sure none of us will forget like the people who died doing the thing they do everyday.

They tried again two weeks later and thankfully failed, it still caused disruption but nothing has as bad as the first time.

Looking back nearly 5 months on, I'm sure I would of rather been off and been away from London, and yes these were terrible attacks, but it certainly makes me appreciate friends, family and everything else I have.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dropping my car??...NO not off a cliff.

Yes... you heard it correctly, the first phase of "Plan 200bhp" is on it's way, after much negotiation, working out and some sums, my friends at Performance 5 and Tracktec have sorted me out with new suspension and springs (BOING!) go on this weekend (Saturday 12th Nov)

For the people going (eh?? what is this idot on about - his car has suspension - why change it?) Without going into an anoraky (snore!) explanation, it'll make my car more fun round corners, a bit more bumpy but hey I like annoying cars, especially the "boredom" wheel drive, sorry Front Wheel Drive ones.

Phase 2 is being kept top secret until the very last minute, only a select few know what's going on, if I tell you I'll have to take you through the intiation ceremony.

That's it for now, nothing new in the Jap Performance World at the moment, but I will return soon.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Are you Nuts about MX5's?? then join the Nuthouse!!


Yep, that's correct, (http://www.mx5nutz.com/) it appears some members of that very website have found this very blog and I thought only 3 or 4 people knew about this best kept secret known to the Japanese Performance World.

Well I have a confession to make, Im a member of this group of nutters so if you're a MX5 Owner in the world and are looking for a fresh alternative which is fun, fast and darn right crazy, hop on the messageboards and chat to us.

So (at their request) hello to Daz, Linda, Gail, Matt, Andrew and Amber! As I know some of you reading this right now and I know some would complain if I did not shove up a pic.

So this one is for you guys.