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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Shocking News....Shocking Weather

The weather has always intrigued me, it's an amazing feat of nature, one minute it can please everyone the next it can take lives and devastate and entire community. (or state)

I've been following Hurricane Katrina and it still amazes me how such a weather system can dish out so much damage.

One american state - Lousiana has been seeing the effects AFTER the storm has passed. Even though "Katrina" missed New Orleans, the amout of water it dropped caused the barriers protecting the city (which is virtually under sea level) to burst!! leaving a trial of destruction - NEARLY 80% of the city is now underwater.

(Picture courtesy of CBSNews.Com)

What annoyed me more is news channels in the UK only seem to care about showbiz or who's going with who while chucking in the odd murder or next government idea or mistake!

NOW only when people start dying and people are in peril then they start using the story...american news channels have been covering it for the last THREE days and this is where the internet comes into it's own.

I went in search of american news channels and I was surprised with my results. I watched high quality video (for free!) of the latest developments before/during and after the hurricane, the reporting is fantastic and the americans really know how to do news, some reporters stood out in the middle of storm while it was going on. My recommendations are www.cbsnews.com and www.foxnews.com you just need Real Player or Media Player to gain access to the video.

Some of the stuff that's being reported is shocking and quite upsetting at times, but it shows the real horror of what the weather can do.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So I'm back.....and I ain't posted for a week!!

Well the huge and massive MX-5 National at Goodwood has finished and I had a really good time. A great run up with some other cars and some good friends and company were kept on the campsite, also much alcohol was consumed.

Im feeling a little but lazy today so I'll let the pictures do the talking!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Japanese Performance Meet - Reading - England

This happens once a month and every Japanese Performance Machine from your Nissan Pulsar to the big fat and loud Mazda RX-7 and Toyota Supra's turn up - so I don't get told off by the organisers - the meet is static - no NO RACING or DRAG STRIPPING or DRIFTING goes on - you can do it but you'll end up with huge fine from the police who are on site.

There were some lovely cars last night and us MX-5 owners were parked amongst the RX-7 and Scooby's (Subaru Impreza STi's) and we do get alot of respect from fellow car makes unlike the Civic Type R owners (bread van's in diguise)

You get to see seriously fast cars and great looking cars, the meet only lasts 2 or 3 hours but it's great to go and look at some car porn and plan for the future!

Pics below: (I could only find one - soz)

(Cars from left to right, my car, David, Steve, Sarah's, Bens and AJ's on the far right)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Big Car Show on the way....excited...maybe???

So the time has come when you're part of a car club to exhibit your car at the biggest display of your make and my time has come (I make it sound so dramatic don't I!) its the Mazda MX-5 Owners Club National.

This is my first national and I'll be camping for three days at the Goodwood Race Course in Sussex with friends I have met through the club, Im that concerned I've got a guy who polishes Lambourghini's and Ferrari's to do my car.

I've been to plenty of shows this year but the one that has to stick out is the Japanese Performance Magazine show at Hickstead, bombing round the M25 (legal speed limits) with 12 cars all interswopping positions with your hood down is one helluva of an experience.

You meet loads of people, see loads of car porn, lots of young ladies wearing next to nothing (and men with their tops off - don't interest me - but I don't want women complaining to Google) and even have a chance to a look at American Muscle Cars aswell.

So I'll be blogless for a few days as it's hard to do blogging from a middle of a field with no electricity!!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Death of the Honda NSX

Let me tell you a story, my Dad bought a car off the Mayor of Hull (ok it's not exciting so far but keep with me!) it was a Rover Sterling, this car had an engine from Honda, it was the 2.7 V 6 and it went like anything, this engine was also used (albeit a more tuned version) in a fantastic superscar called the Honda NSX! That little Rover was the closest I ever came to supercar performance when I was a teenager and it was great!

Unfortunately Honda announced a few weeks ago they've decided to discontinue this car, for a petrolhead like me this was a terrible decision, Id never been in one but it was probably one of the best mid-90's supercars of it's time and it was practical....and there lies it's problem.

Eh??? I hear you crying, see owning a road rocket like a Ferrari Enzo, Lambourghini or Koenigssegg (or however you spell it) is supposed to be great but very annoying.

for example to reverse in a Lambourghini you must hitch open, pop your head out so you can see where you're going and there's other moans, you try an top up a washer bottle on Maserati MC12, its a 23 step process!!

Maserati MC12

The NSX was just too practical, too nice, looked great and did everything, so as Honda would say it's CRAZY SENSIBLE, but the masters of VTEC have vowed they are making a new supercar, lets hope it arrives soon.

See only the Japs could build a supercar that was reliable and practical?!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Top Gear over...well until Autumn!

Booooooo! Top Gear (a UK based motoring magazine programme with a twist!) has finished for this season and they've had some great features. I mean what other TV programme would race a Transit round the Nurburbring, ram a top class Mercedes and Porsche round a sniper range and invite the the Japanese Drift Club to try and drift a Vauxhall Monaro.

No boring reviews or boring cars, just all out car-ma-geddon, I just don't know how they manage to get away with it with the car manufactirers keeping their beady eye on them. With Clarkson, Hammond and May at the helm presenting the show they provide an intoxicating mix of fun and excitement while still managing to take the p**s out of each other (it's a family blog so no swearing here!)

....on a another note!

One of my best mates - Mr Cellsuite (http://cellsuite.blogspot.com) or Marcus is soon to have a kid (Congratulations dude) you know when one of your friends tell you this, it's absolutely speechless moment, now it's due very soon (September I've been told) I think he's due he's speechless moment very very soon. Good luck with it Eri and M!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Fun with Skype!

I would love to talk about cars but I have to give a mention to a new bit of technology that's been hitting the internet recently and really taking off, it's called "Skype"(http://www.skype.com)

It allows me to talk to friends over the internet for FREE, the conversation in real-time and it's all free and all I have to download a program onto my computer. Up until now I had no one to talk to until my fellow blogger, ex-flatemate and best mate used it.

It tells you when someone is online and you can call them, similar to MSN I suppose! I accidentally dialled him then he phoned back and it sounded great, bit of a long delay so you can't talk over each other, the sound quality was crystal clear, he sounded like he was next door!

After we got over the intial shock, we got chatting! So if you've got mates or relatives abroad and want to speak to them without racking up a phone bill, try out Skype! Without sounding bias there's also Vonage (http://www.vonage.com) which does much the same thing.
Bizzarre Rush Hour

It's nearly 7.20 in the morning and I'm having the most bizarre rush hour, at this time the M25 should be gridlocked through the Essex, East London should be full of cars and routes around Hertfordshire and Buckinhamshire should be at least a bit busy....

....but something quite eary has happened, it's quiet, not one broken down, accident, or fire. A good thing I suppose, we got some small pockets of traffic but nothing out of ordinary.

In case you wondering why Im talking about this, well it's kinda of my job to report on the queues around Essex and Beds, Herts and Bucks. I also answer the jamlines for the stations and look at the cameras to keep the commuting public up to date as I can.

You often get these lulls during the summer where everyone seems to be on their holidays, once everyone is back I suppose the chaos will start again.

Well Im off to find out if the town centres are busy but don't moan at me if you're stuck in a queue this morning.

See you this afternoon with some more interesting car news.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Extreme!! Japanese HP

I've managed to get some browsing done this weekend so I can get some more Japanese Horsepower for this site and have I found some amazing examples, I can't wait to show you some more, so we'll start small with a 900bhp Toyota Supra! It also happens to be one of my favourite cars.

For the people who are ain't clued up on cars and you're wondering what all this excitement is about bhp, it's really quite simple. All bhp is the figure used to tell you how much power your car has, a standard Ford Fiesta/Nissan Micra or VW Golf may have as little as 70bhp to 90bhp, so the bigger the number, the faster, louder and better it goes.

This video is only about 30 seconds, but wow what a drift, tyres probably finished off after this!

Check it out here:


I did manage to find a Nissan Skyline GTR registering a 1000bhp but couldn't find any decent video and I offer only the best for my readers.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Madness

So intead of my observations, I thought I'd be a bit lax and shove on a link to a game that you'll never forget.

In fact lets make it a feature the Friday link of the week!!

So why don't you while away your afternoon and this evening by playing this fantastically annoying game called Sqaures because you'll start playing it and you'll never stop, see what score you can get, plus it's got some really funky music when you play!!

It's one of those games where you think you have a high score until one of your mates comes along and adds another 2000 to it.

Go on have a go - here's the link:


July - Where's the Sun!?

I wouldn't be an english without a pop at the british weather!! Yesterday the weather was fantastic, today it's really miserable and this is supposed to be Summer, apparently my friends at Met Check (http://www.metcheck.com) says w'ere picking up the end of a storm that hit America last week.

This also means my washing and polishing duties have been disrupted, before I bought my car I thought you shove any old wax and wash on it, further research suggests otherwise, so now cleaning my car is a four step process, you you did read that correctly FOUR! but the results are fantastic, so Im plugging for the first time, get some Meguiars (http://www.meguiars.com) you'll never look back - in fact you'll be looking all the time.

I've never been a fan of all these Messenger programs, they allow you type things to your mates and they can reply instantly, kind of like a personal chatroom. Yesterday I really saw the benefits, I chatted to my mate in Japan for hours and a friend in Manchester for hours and had a real laugh, you can even get up to 20 people chatting at the same time although it can get a bit overwhelming, but mainly it's more fun than your mobile dropping out every few minutes. I still find it annoying that the minute you turn on your machine everyone must say "Hello!"

I've now linked this up with my Photobucket account so I'll try and post some more pictures of my life and times at the moment, so check out the links, but you may have to wait for a photo!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Top down driving risks!
I dunno what it is with top down driving, I mean it's great fun and all that but it can have it's risks, take yesterday for example, Im driving along enjoying the rare sun we have an England and a wasp decides to fly in and stick around in the car. Now I don't mind passengers in the car as they don't sting but these insects do, of course fairly impossible to wave it away while trying to control a car doing 60mph, so I had to jump out the car and wave it away while looking like an idiot at the same time as most people think you battling with thin air! (if only they knew?!)

My favourite top down moments are when the weather is changeable!?! You get in your car the weather is great, drop the top and then a sudden downpour decides to come out of nowhere, now if you can stay above 40mph, the water will go straight over you but reach some traffic lights or a junction and it's an instant soaking; if it's too heavy no matter what speed you do it'll start coming round the sides.

My favourite experiences have always come from nightime driving, some nights I'll never forget particular when it's clear when it's just you, the car and an empty open road. There's nothing like it

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Well Im going to give this blogging thing a go, I blame my good friend over at Cellsuite (http://www.cellsuite.blogger.com) who made his Blog so very very interesting that I thought Id give it a go.

So my passion at the moment is Japanese Performance Sportscars, this interest has come about after buying a MAzda MX-5 often quoted as being a "hairdressers car" but hey what you don't know is the potential of these babys to go very fast and very quick which some simple and quite inexpensive modifications.

Over the next few months, it's my mission to get my baby to 200bhp from it's measily 140bhp to give the thing some go and I'll be posting all my pics and advice on here, you know it gets embarrasing getting wasted by VW Polo Turbo Deisel and little kids in their souped up Novas at the lights not that I'd ever endorse that kind of behaviour.

This place won't all be Japanese cars, cars and cars, I'll take a look at some motoring fun and madness, some of my madcap driving stories and even what life is like during a typical morning rush hour and introduce you to some of the nutters that get up at the same time as me to bring the travel news to you.

As you've probably noticed it's very early so Im trying for 2 posts a day as Im one of those silly people who get up far too early in the morning, I broadcast travel news on the radio and you can find me on BBC Essex http://www.bbc.co.uk/essex or BBC Three Counties http://www.bbc.co.uk/threecounties and other radio stations in the UK.

More later, damn you Marcus Saw this is addictive!!