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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Big Car Show on the way....excited...maybe???

So the time has come when you're part of a car club to exhibit your car at the biggest display of your make and my time has come (I make it sound so dramatic don't I!) its the Mazda MX-5 Owners Club National.

This is my first national and I'll be camping for three days at the Goodwood Race Course in Sussex with friends I have met through the club, Im that concerned I've got a guy who polishes Lambourghini's and Ferrari's to do my car.

I've been to plenty of shows this year but the one that has to stick out is the Japanese Performance Magazine show at Hickstead, bombing round the M25 (legal speed limits) with 12 cars all interswopping positions with your hood down is one helluva of an experience.

You meet loads of people, see loads of car porn, lots of young ladies wearing next to nothing (and men with their tops off - don't interest me - but I don't want women complaining to Google) and even have a chance to a look at American Muscle Cars aswell.

So I'll be blogless for a few days as it's hard to do blogging from a middle of a field with no electricity!!


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