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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Shocking News....Shocking Weather

The weather has always intrigued me, it's an amazing feat of nature, one minute it can please everyone the next it can take lives and devastate and entire community. (or state)

I've been following Hurricane Katrina and it still amazes me how such a weather system can dish out so much damage.

One american state - Lousiana has been seeing the effects AFTER the storm has passed. Even though "Katrina" missed New Orleans, the amout of water it dropped caused the barriers protecting the city (which is virtually under sea level) to burst!! leaving a trial of destruction - NEARLY 80% of the city is now underwater.

(Picture courtesy of CBSNews.Com)

What annoyed me more is news channels in the UK only seem to care about showbiz or who's going with who while chucking in the odd murder or next government idea or mistake!

NOW only when people start dying and people are in peril then they start using the story...american news channels have been covering it for the last THREE days and this is where the internet comes into it's own.

I went in search of american news channels and I was surprised with my results. I watched high quality video (for free!) of the latest developments before/during and after the hurricane, the reporting is fantastic and the americans really know how to do news, some reporters stood out in the middle of storm while it was going on. My recommendations are www.cbsnews.com and www.foxnews.com you just need Real Player or Media Player to gain access to the video.

Some of the stuff that's being reported is shocking and quite upsetting at times, but it shows the real horror of what the weather can do.


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