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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Eurobox Revenge or is it jealously?

The Mazda MX-5 is the first car I've owned, truely loved and enjoyed, I wash it, spend money on it, buy proper tyres and purhcase modifications to make it better but owning such a great car has it's side effects, it's called the invasion of the Eurobox.

Before we get confused lets define "Eurobox"
Eurobox: A boring front wheel drive functional car that's designed to look boring, get you from A to B, but for the hell of it lets stick a big meaty engine so it can go fast in a STRAIGHT LINE (remember that last bit)

Some examples of a Eurobox - VW Golf, Ford Focus, Seat Leon, Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Astra (ok Im starting to fall asleep)

OK I'm a man, I have testosterone and therefore Im competive and from time to time have decided to annoy one of these boxes but even when Im not in the mood, they cut you up, attempt to keep up with you, when will they learn!!??

My car CAN GO ROUND corners quicker than them, this is a SPORTS car. Most SPORTS cars are rear wheel drive, which means better steering into corners, where as most Eurobox's are front wheel drive which means "understeering" into corners, which usually means finding the brakes quickly.

The worst offenders are people carriers (used primarily by mums to cart kids to and from school) or Four Wheel Drives (to do the same thing - they NEVER go off the road in England) they can't keep up as they are so heavy so a LIGHTWEIGHT sportscar will outrun them - with a little effort.

I think it comes down to one thing - I had the guts to purchase one of these cars, they were sheep and had to buy what everryone else had, they when there functional little car is not as good looking or as fast they try and drive into you or try or outsmart you, so maybe it's not revenge - but more a case of jealously.

So which one would you choose??

Scare yourself Sensible....I certainly did!!

You're probably going..."what's he on about??"

It's an experience hosted by Lotus Sport, the Lotus is name steeped in motor racing history and they continue to produce fantastic sports car like the Lotus Exige and the Lotus Elise, and they Elise is the one I had a chance to drive.

For £99 you can scream round their Norfolk Track in one of these beautiful looking cars, have a look round the factory then get taken round the track by one of the professionals who drive these, day in and day out and only one work can describe this experience....FANTASTIC!!

If you are in England for a few weeks and you're a petrol nut!! go and do it you won't regret it.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Showing off your car to the masses!

So w'eve got blogging, photoalbums, Google VIdeo albums, e-mail, but is there a place where a true petrolhead can go to show his car off, much searching has found such a place.

Car Domain.com is a huge website which one of the biggest car photo albums on the net!! From an Alfa Romeo, to your Fords, Mazda and Mercedes you're find it here, you can even look at my car!


It's easy to use, full of adverts but you can even use the site to show the pictures off on other websites, it squeezes your digital camera picstures down but when you click on the thumbnail they are shown in there full glory again, takes few minutes to sign up but it's so easy to use, just like Blogger really.

Give it a try!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

A V8 in an MX5/Miata/Eunos....surely not???

While doing some more research on how to get my car to 200bhp I came across some interesting articles that involved putting a 5 LITRE V8 ENGINE!! in an MX5, as I carried on, it appears all types of engine have been shoehorned into this sexy looking sportscar I own.

Crazy....well not really?? It appears that it's been going on for years in America and the scene is growing quickly in the UK and Australia and the Japs are just mad and drop incredibly powerful Mazda RX-7 and Honda S2000 engines in them, it makes what is an already powerful car a whole lot more fun; if you can afford the $25,000 or £15,000 bill for doing it!

(Picture courtesy of Andy of the MX5 Owners Club UK)

....but I don't thnk I'll be dropping a V8 just yet, I've made a good friend in Phil Dixon who runs a company called Performance 5 (www.performance5.com) and David from Tracktec (www.tracktec.co.uk) and they really know their stuff, they will both be coming up with some solutions for my power goal....200bhp here I come!

This month I managed to save up some cash to get the car handling better than it already does, some nut cases in America make all these fantastic things for my car, there known as Flyin Miata (www.flyinmiata.com) and I've just bought there handling kit which basically replaces the entire suspension setup and makes it look cool.

(Thanks to Flyin Miata for the picture above)

The red car is what my car looks like now and the light blue car is what my car will look like after it's fitted by my friends at Tracktec, I just wish I had the same alloys they look gorgeous (one step at a time eh???)

If you're reading this and have an MX-5, check out all the websites above to see what potential your has and see what you're missing out on. So much for keeping it the same!??