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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ugly cars and busy times for Jap HP!

Ever get one of those months, weeks, days when the day seems to go ever SO QUICKLY, well I've had one of those months.

So much to do, sort out my car, sort out my (ARGH!!! eeekkkk) tax payments. So I haven't disappeared into the sunset just yet.

So back to my twice day blogging, so we start with ugly cars, now check this thing out, it's also another reason not to buy an MPV

Now Im sure it's a great car, very reliable and economical but it's just SO ugly, a survey was carried out in the UK and this was voted the ugliest car, and I'm not surprised, look at that back end??!!

The designer must of got carried away with their ruler.

This is where we get interactive,

Have YOU got an ugly car for me?? If you have!! Send me a pic or drop me a link in my comments section and we'll feature it. Im after more international ugly cars.

It's a bit of a miniblog this morning, more this afternoon, but can I say, thank you ever so much for all your comments, Im quite chuffed people check back and have also sent me some links of interest that can bolster this sites content.

......while Im here congratulations to my fellow blogger and best mate - Marcus - (aka http://www.cellsuite.jp) who gave birth to his kid recently. I'll shove some pics up soon.


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