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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Can anyone work harder than this man??

I think in my quest for power and fun I have to put out a big thanks to one man, his name is Phil and he works for a company called Performance 5. (http://www.performance5.com)

As I type this very blog (a Sunday morning) he is currently working on my suspension which is being modified so it makes the car handle better then it already is. It's a Sunday - the man never stops and I can't help but feel a bit guilty, well I suppose I am paying for it to be fitted.

He'll also be doing for now "top secret" hybrid turbo conversion using some interesting toys to day the least. Even though Daz and Andy keep plugging to get a supercharger (they are great just not my thing lads! - Sorry)

So hats off to Phil, you're doing a great job and his job will be much easier once he starts upgrading his garage, so if you need a top honest bloke to make your 5 go faster, ask Phil, he'll sort it out (so it don't sound like an advert) other 5 tuners are available.

....As an example on to how hard this man works, he fitted my brake pads at 3am on Saturday morning while I was tucked up in bed....is the man crazy?? Well........hmmm no, I think he loves his MX5's too much....well some of his work has been featured in EVO (top car mag in the UK) and in Japanese Performance Magazine, for that to happen he must be dedicated!!


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