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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dropping my car??...NO not off a cliff.

Yes... you heard it correctly, the first phase of "Plan 200bhp" is on it's way, after much negotiation, working out and some sums, my friends at Performance 5 and Tracktec have sorted me out with new suspension and springs (BOING!) go on this weekend (Saturday 12th Nov)

For the people going (eh?? what is this idot on about - his car has suspension - why change it?) Without going into an anoraky (snore!) explanation, it'll make my car more fun round corners, a bit more bumpy but hey I like annoying cars, especially the "boredom" wheel drive, sorry Front Wheel Drive ones.

Phase 2 is being kept top secret until the very last minute, only a select few know what's going on, if I tell you I'll have to take you through the intiation ceremony.

That's it for now, nothing new in the Jap Performance World at the moment, but I will return soon.


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