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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Has it been this long??

I have been slack haven't I??!! I haven't been near this blog since November 20th, have I been busy or too lazy.......too lazy.....ok I admit it, at least I was honest.

The quest is nearly complete well the first stage, the turbo is booked and deposited and coming over from the states soon, the ECU plus all the other stuff it comes with is on it's way to Phils workshop and all the other bits and bobs needed are nearly ready for install, so once w'ere on our way I'll update you soon but it's time for another story....this one involves the police.

Yes I was pulled over by the police this morning, but this does not annoy me, what annoys is the damn attitude, why is their a need for it, surely they can't train our officers to be this unfriendly. Is it really hard to be polite, other forces manage to do it, why not my local force. I swear it's so they can intimidate you!!

Anyways......I'll try and get back to my twice dailu updating of car news plus other bits, so I'll be back soon.


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