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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Winter slippy and slide


Yep it's me and I've been lazy again, no updates since January, I hope you're not dispappointed. It's the middle of winter here in England and it's cold, very cold which means icy and greasy road conditions and they lay down salt and other rubbish to stop the road from icing up.

Anybody in a normal mundane box car might aswell stop reading now, you're OK, but for us Rear Wheel Drive owners, going up hills and pulling out of junctions can be fun and scary at the same time.Plant your foot (legally and safely) on the accelerator/gas/loyd pedal and all your wheels will tend to do is spin and spin and spin!!!

Eventually you're start moving, or your car will go into kill "the driver mode" that's where the backend wants to start wagging, and send you into a field/hedge/ditch.

This is what can happen.

This is not my car (thankfully) but a guy Simon B who escaped unharmed but it's stark reminder of what can happen. He was running alot of power and this was not his fault. The dangers of winters were also demonstrated to me in a Nissan 200SX S12 which is very tail happy, so in times on cold, take it easy, if you're still cynical, look at those pictures above.


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